If you have a skill...

You should share the thrill...

As many of you know, but some of you won't, we have set ourselves a goal to support those in sports that are less fortunate because their talent just happens to be something else than soccer, speedskating, field hockey or darts. The before mentioned sports receive a great deal of nation wide attention because these sports are big with large groups of participants nation wide, at least in The Netherlands.

If your talent just happens to be a sport (like figureskating) that is difficult from a marketing perspective, because of ISU rules, but also because of lack of nation wide attention or any TV coverage it will be hard to generate funding in any way to allow for that next step to becomming a topsports athlete.

At Show Your Skill .Online we decided to start building a platform that allows for a little exposure that sports clubs, as well as individual athletes, can sell to local or larger partners. This running season, 2017-2018, we managed to close a deal with the national skating federation to host livestreams for all major selection competitions as well as both finals. This means that this season we will provide 8 local competitions and 2 finals, overall 20 competition days with an expected exposure of well over 30.000 views in total.

Based on experience and numbers drawn from livestreams provided already we gladly and kindly invite any Figureskating Club in the Netherlands to offer advertising on our Livestreams to local partners. The principal is simple, we have a pre agreed fee for several different options ranging from a simple logo and tickertape during the warm-up of each group in one competition (KNSB-Cup or Nationale Bokalen), or both competions. Obviously we offer the same options for each of the finals. A more comprehensive opportunity can be offered allowing for a short advertorial or a large, full screen logo shown during the Ice resurfacing breaks in any of the competitions.

Show Your Skill .Online will charge a fixed fee to the Club submitting the sponsoring partner to set up the agreed advertisement. For reference it should be understood our cost should be less than 10% of the pre agreed fee to the sponsoring partner, the remaining 90% is obviously for the club.

To support the sales of these advertising options, we can state that this season so far we have 8.455 views on the KNSB-Cup livestreams (3 competitions done) and 3.107 views on the Nationale Bokalen livestreams (2 comptetions done)  additionally the below stats provide some detail of last seasons livestream during the Challenge Cup event, and to be clear these numbers are from just the Challenge Cup event:

Our main goal...

15.990 views over 4 days with an average watch time of almost 25 minutes

54% of our viewers are from the Netherlands with interesting international views

Weighted towards female viewers we have a healthy mix in the age group 18 - 54 years of age

The full year of 2017 web-site statistics give a similar picture. As we stream primarily Figureskating competitions we see a clear definition of a season, starting around September running up till March. So this overview shows the second half of last season (2016-2017) and the first half of the current season (2017-2018). Comparison between the first half of last season and the first half the current season shows an expected growth of 30% over last season. With roughly 7.000 visitors in Q1 this year we aim for roughly 9000 visitors during Q1-2018. In all fairness it must be stated that the ChallengeCup and Nationals are shadowed by another large figureskating event called the Winter Olympics that are held at the same time. The A-finales and "Kunstschaatsweek" are held in the same week as the World Championships so potentially there is some competition there as well.

So Figureskating Clubs!, lets work on this together and create opportunity for all these talented kids we have out there on the ice every single day. Feel free to contact us at info@showyourskill.online or speak with us during one of the competitons that we will stream from. We are more than happy to discuss the financial details and detailed options with you, supporting your club in the possibility to generate a little revenue, offering our talents additional facilities on their way to their goals.